Feeding Chickens – What to Provide and Why

As with all other animals it is important to feed chickens balanced diet.
Many people think of chickens as vegetarian, but i have seen chickens eating insects, worms, slugs, frogs and even pecking at a dead dove. Despite this,chickens should not be fed scraps containing meat.
Scraps and leftovers will not suffice, as although chickens are low maintenance animals they need good food. I disapprove of scraps because they can unbalance the nutrient content of the birds feed. It is often advised not to feed scraps.
When a chicken eats food it fills the crop and in here the food is moistened and then passed into the stomach where the process of digestion is started by digestive juices.
A part called the gizzard then grinds up the food, and does the work teeth would usually do, with the help of grit (this is why grit is such an important part of the diet).
Chickens eat their food to fill their crops, and then graze all day to keep the crop topped up and digestion in motion.
A hen has a maximum capacity of what she can eat so if she fills up on corn and treats all day se will not get her necessary daily nutrition.
Layers pellet
has its advantages and disadvantages for although it promotes good laying with strong egg shells, it is not good for breeding chickens as it does not allow good fertility.
improves yolk colour, making it a rich golden color but overfeeding it can also cause problems,
Mixed corn
can be fed as part of a healthy diet but should not be fed alone.
Breeders diet
this diet is essential for breeding chickens as it contains all they need for fertility, health and good strong,well formed eggs, as well as the nutrients the chick needs in the egg.
these are absolutely essential. They add nutrients and make the egg yolk yellower, the hens stronger and healthier.
If your hens have no access to fresh grass you can feed cabbage, lettuce, apple peal etc.
Chicks should be fed Chick crumb which contain the nutrients they need to grow and strengthen.
Growers should be fed Growers pellets for a similar purpose.

If you abide the rules of feeding, avoid letting your birds get stressed, give them shelter and space to roam and ALWAYS let them have access to FRESH, CLEAN water you should have healthy, happy birds.