Partridge Wyandotte Bantams


The wyandotte bantam

This version is lighter than its larger counterpart, therefore create less damage to flowerborders, manicured lawns and enclosures. Other than this, they are a replica of their large counterpart.

Cockerels weigh about 1.7kg while hens weigh around 1.3kg. Wyandotte bantams come in a similar array of colours, but my favourite must be partridge bantams.

Partridge wyandottes are very versatile. Like all other wyandottes, they are excellent egg producers, but are also a successful colour in the showring. Unlike colours such as whites and lavenders, they dont get dirty, but are still very pretty birds.

I recommend these birds for first time owners and first time exhibitors, but even if you have owned chickens for many years, these birds still make a delightful addition in any garden.

Wyandottes in general are strong, hardy, kind, easy to tame, good with children, good broodies, good mothers etc.

Dutch Bantams

Dutch Bantam

The Dutch Bantam is a desired, ornamental breed kept by many chicken fanciers. ‘Bantam’ used in its common description is the wrong name because the Dutch are one of the few true miniatures as they are not a diminutive form of large fowl.
These upright proud little birds originated from the Netherlands but were soon exported to other countries. Recent DNA tests showed that Drente and Friesian fowl played a great part in the Dutch’s creation. They have a single well-serrated comb and the wings are long and carried close to the body. The ear lobes are white and the wattles are short and round. The tail of a cock has shiny green well-developed main sickles that are large and classically curved and the hens have fairly vertical tails carried upright giving them a U shape created by neck and tail.The Dutch Bantam lays quite large eggs for their size. Their egg producing capability is about 100-160 eggs a year.
Due to their size, Dutch females are only capable of covering a few eggs. Eggs take only 20 days to hatch instead of the usual period of 21 days for large breeds.

They come in lots of magnificent colours including gold partridge, silver partridge, yellow partridge, blue silver partridge, blue, yellow partridge, blue partridge, red shouldered white, cuckoo partridge, cuckoo, black, white and lavender.

Dutch bantams have a tame and trusting nature and make great pets.

Apart from the Dutch there are some other ‘true bantams,’ Sebright, Japanese, Antwerp and Belgians.