Reasons for keeping chickens

There are many good reasons for keeping chickens ranging from simple economics to other benefits that would appeal to you.

For starters, if you are keen on a source of fresh eggs, then it is ideal to keep your own hens. It goes without saying that you must understand all the basics of keeping hens and choosing a good quality hen house.

You need to invest both money and time for this and you will realize that over time, you would be able to get back whatever investment you had initially made and it is a good business proposition, you can make money selling eggs, and breeding rare breed chickens.

There are other equally important advantages such as:

Chicken waste makes ideal manure for your plants. You could mix the waste collected from your hen houses along with the waste from the kitchen and garden and then compost it. It comesĀ  free of cost.

Just attend to the basics of the chicken like food, shelter, hygiene, freedom and water. It is so simple to keep your chickens happy. Moreover, chickens are low maintenance animals and you do not have to keep attending to them continuously. There are not many special accessories required. Cleaning of your hen houses can be done once a week if they are small and dont make much mess, but if you have large hens that make lots of mess, it may be necessary to clean them out every three days.

keeping your own hens and getting eggs is really pleasurable and you are creating an environment of self sufficiency and prosperity. This is truly rewarding and satisfying. It is also very rewarding to breed, and watch chicks grow and develop, and is a good attracttion for young children. Moreover, the sense of satisfaction which you derive when you rear your own hens cannot be measured in monetary terms. You would be happy at the thought at these hens are living a good life and you are raising them under your protection and care.

The eggs will only be organic if you feed your chickens organic food and manage their housing and paddockorganically so please bear this in mind if you want organic eggs.