Can You Breed From Birds With Mycoplasma?

Can You breed from chickens with Mycoplasma? Please comment below on how you feel about breeding from chickens with this chronic illness.

Well, the long and short of it is that there is no easy answer. If you have birds with mycoplasma, and you want to breed from them, every situation must be treated as a different case!

It all depends on how, where, when and why the birds have been infected, as well as the intensity of the infection.

Also, some strains are more virulent than others, so this will also have some effect on the decision to breed or not to do so. It should also be taken into account, that once the birds are heavily infected, there are two ways of transmission. One of these occurs when the birds are stressed, and actively ”shedding” pathogens. This is when the disease is carried from bird to bird through the air. The other is when the bird is not exhibiting symptoms, but still carrying the disease. This is when the bird transits the disease through the egg!

Birds which have been exposed to the disease, but have not contracted any signs are the obvious ones to breed from, if any. That said, they may still be carriers, but that could (theoretically at least) actually make the chicks immune to the disease! Because, as I discussed in my article on the chicken’s immune system (not yet published at the time of going to press), if an adult bird has immunity to a disease, some antibodies are actually passed on to the chick! But, it is a double edged sword, because, at the same time, disease pathogens could have been passed on, and this leaves the chick open to disease.

Birds that have been treated for mycoplasma have obviously had the disease more severely, so chances are, the oviducts would have been infected, guaranteeing the chicks to come down with the disease, UNLESS you medicate the birds with tylan, or similar, and collect the eggs that you will use for hatching  during this period of medication. IF you are lucky, the tylan may have intercepted pathogen transmission to the egg, or in some mysterious way, avoided infection!

Obviously, placing eggs under an infected hen is NOT advised, because she will only infect them, even if the eggs were uninfected! Therefore, an incubator is a better answer. An uninfected hen is not advisable either, unless she is vaccinated with a non-pathogenic strain, because if the eggs were NOT pathogen free, they will infect the previously uninfected hen!

So, can you breed from chickens with Mycoplasma? Yes. Yes you can, BUT you need to look at EVERY SINGLE CASE seperately, and evaluate  the risks and benefits, because, at the end of the day, it’s not really worth taking the risks of breeding from infected birds, unless you are trying to rescue a breed on the edge of extinction!!!



  1. Anonymous says:

    I think its mean and cruel and dishonest. Dishonest to the people who will buy the chickens, and probably be lied to, mean and cruel to the poor chicks who will be born with the illness and probably sold to clueless people who wont know the bird is ill!

  2. An ERBC reader says:

    Why Not? I mean, if they have been exposed to it, they should be immune. Right? Errm… Right???

  3. In your brain, stealing your ideas! says:

    Most Backyard Breederss have it, but it is still not right. You should not spread diseased flock.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If the oviducts have been infected, breeding is NOT a good idea because the chicks will surely be infected, but if they have not been infected you can use an incubator to breed chicks, so long as they are kept away from the diseased flock. In fact, the chicks may pick up a very light amount of pathogens, and this could even cause it to act as a vaccine, and give the birds immunity.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dont think its right. I mean, come on!

  6. Hen-Lady says:

    Our Vet said, in his opinion most back yard breeders have the disease in their flock anyway and recommended giving the chickens tylan the week before, then hatch the eggs and keep the chicks separate from the infected birds. I still think it is not a good idea, I would prefer to breed from healthy birds.

  7. FastFace says:

    I think its cruel to the birds.

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