Partridge Wyandotte Breed Standard

Parridge wyandotte breeding is divided into pullet breeding and cock breeding. The best results are achieved from this breed if they are double pen mated. The cockerels breed standard is different of that to the hens, therefore, to ensure all males produced are show quality, the hens that are used are up to the cockerels breed standard. This is called cock breeding. The opposite occurs for pullet breeding, the cockerel used has to be up to the pullet breed standard, and this ensures that one pen produces exhibition quality cockerels and the other produces exhibition quality pullets.

Generalized Standard; Partridge Wyandottes

Fairly large head, prominent eyes, sturdy, well set on neck with good, long hackles. Shiny, sleek feathers, deep chest, broad saddle, ‘soft feather’, strong yellow legs. Black tail held between vertical and horizontal.

Cockerel; Dark orange head, golden yellow neck hackles, fading to lemon yellow, bright reddish back and shoulders. Primary wing shaft should be solid black, while the secondary one should be chesnut.

Pullets; rich golden yellow to yellow head and neck hackles, back, shoulder and breast should be soft partridge. Fine, but clear and well defined pencilling is important, especially in the showring. Tail should be black and vent feathers, soft black.

Defects; Uneven, broken or barred pencilling, light shaft to breast feathers, pencilling running into brown.