About Enis Rare Breed Chickens


Eni aged 6 or 7 with 2 cream legbars
My name is Eniola Odurinde. I want to share all the information I have gathered, both practically and theoretically, and that that my father has passed on, to you, so that you can learn it all the easy way without the need for feeling what it is like to look at chicken feathers scatterd round the garden and a dead one in front of the door and know that you are to blame, because you forgot to close them in, or to see that the neighbours terrier killed your pullets because you left the chicken enclose gate open or forgot to patch the hole in the fence.

Perhaps the worst time was when I was about 6. I had the job of closing the chicken coop every night, and once  i forgot to count them. I also did not see that the back was left open… This was the night Mr Fox chose. In the morning, I was greeted by Mr Guilt, a dead chicken infront of the door, others in  similar states, left in various locations of the garden, and most horrendously, one which had had its head bitten off, but was still half alive, and running around the garden like a headless chicken. Literally!

Some of my chickens

Yoko & Eyela

The picture bellow shows a dog with a chick who later on grew up to become a good, protective mother, and gave her life to  a terrier for those of her chicks (although they died as well!!).